Charting the Path to Net Zero

North Star Carbon Management is the easiest-to-use carbon accounting and management software on the market

Getting a Handle on Your Climate Data

Companies need to easily and accurately measure, manage, report and reduce organizational carbon emissions across their entire value chain. Our platform gives you the ability to precisely understand, quantify, and manage your carbon impact. Customizable dashboards and one-click audit reports ensure you are on top of all things carbon-related.

Efficiency at its Best, Carbon Emissions at Their Lowest

By streamlining carbon accounting and management procedures, our user-friendly technology helps you save time and money. Automate data collection, streamline reporting, and maintain compliance with constantly evolving legal requirements. As a result, your team can concentrate on what is most important: making audacious, cutting-edge progress toward a brighter future.

Solutions Made to Order for Your Special Requirements

Your climate and sustainability objectives are unique to your organization. Our software may be customized to meet your unique requirements, offering a custom carbon management solution that works invisibly with your current infrastructure. Realize your greatest potential and leave a lasting impression.

Set Targets and Track Progress

Companies can define clear, quantifiable, and actionable carbon reduction goals using our target setting and planning function. Set short-term and long-term goals and create action plans. Our software equips your team to make strategic decisions and deploy resources efficiently in order to bring about significant, long-lasting change by offering a clear road map for success.

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About us

Sustainability is becoming a requirement in the world we live in. To assist companies like yours in thriving in a low-carbon future, North Star Carbon Management has created the most complete and user-friendly carbon accounting and management software solution. Our innovative platform separates us from the competition by providing unmatched value and usability.

North Star Carbon Management is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company created by long-time sustainability consultants and business leaders. The founders have over two decades of experience conducting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories for large organizations. They used this experience to create an intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable carbon accounting and management software solution for the market.

The North Star Carbon Management software solution was developed by corporate sustainability and carbon management experts. After many years of conducting manual carbon inventories with spreadsheets and using other carbon accounting software solutions, the founders decided the market needed something better and North Star Carbon Management was born.


Our blog provides insights and advise for common questions and challenges people have regarding carbon accounting and management. North Star Carbon Management intends to demystify the GHG inventory process by sharing our experiences, knowledge and resources.


The North Star Carbon Management Podcast delivers interviews with experts in the carbon accounting and management field.

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